Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Reply to an Invitation by a Theistic Satanist

In browsing through this week's news articles relatable to the Witching World, I stumbled across a posting on BeliefNet by a reverend of the Theistic Satanism [Church of Satan] faith.  In his post, reverend Gino invites Pagans to join with his faith in a rise against oppression by mainstream religions.  If one can get beyond the ghastly writing style, grammar boo-boos and countless misspelled words [which I know is nit-picky of me but my former days as an Editor refuse to go quietly], the post offers the suggestion that Pagans might consider uniting with the Satanist movement.

The reverend states "I am asking that Pagans who want a change who want rights that every other religion has these days be strong and fight with us…using our brains our wits to gain all the religious and spiritual respect and advantages we so rightfully deserve."

I know.  But try to ignore [ *deep cleansing breath* ] the lack of punctuation and grammatical errors so that you might actually ponder the message at hand.  Per the reverend, Pagans share a common ground with Satanists -- after all, "we are the one’s that existed before Christianity so why should we sit back and be treated like we are the bad guys." 

Well, now wait a moment...

While I am the first to stand behind the ideals of religious freedom, I cannot grant support to an individual who speaks to historical significances that simply aren't true.  A Theistic Satanist, per Diane Vera [owner of a website dedicated to Theistic Satanism] "is one who does believe in and worship Satan as a deity."  Considering that the deity of worship here is Satan, a Christian construct, I struggle to understand how this faith could then possibly predate the Christian movement.  This is as much an oxymoron as the email I recieved recently signed 'A Christian Atheist'.  Um.  Yeah.  How to even begin?!

I don't claim to be an expert on the Satanist faith -- be it the atheists within the movement who view Satan more as a symbol of desirable human qualities, "such as independence, individuality, and strength" [per D. Vera,] or those Satanists who revere the actual deity.  I can only form my opinions based on information provided by self-proclaimed members of the faith, incuding the aforementioned Diane Vera. 

That disclaimer now stated, I find fault with reverend Gino linking his faith to ancient Pagan beliefs and practices, [beliefs and practices that hold historically trackable evidence linked to times before the rise of Christianity and other monotheistic religions, such as Judaism and Islam]. I find fault with it because I fail to accept how a faith that worships a deity from the Christian religion could have existed during the ancient days before Christianity.  Satan did not exist during these pre-Christian times. 

In fact, in most polytheistic religions of eras past, there was no sole figure of pure evil.  It wasn't until later, with the rise of monotheistic beliefs, that the concept of an entity purely malevolent emerged -- a balance to the pure goodness of the faith's one true God [Discovery Channel, Out of Egypt, episode: The Birth of the Devil].  It is even probable that the likeness of the Christian devil was pieced together using charateristics of varing gods and goddesses, such as Pan of Greek mythology.

And so... no Satan in the pre-Christian world = no Satanism in the pre-Christian world.             

My rant on reverend Gino's inaccuracies behind us, I finally offer up a response to his invitation to unite.

To Reverend Gino,

Note that I am but one Pagan and am responding to your request to unite as such.  I make no claims to speak on behalf of the entire Pagan faith.

You speak of common grounds and shared histories.  In referring to what each of our religions face, you state " recognition and respect from the government and society. We are constantly shunned and treated lack weirdos and freaks if we say what we are."

There is one major explanation separating the Satanist faith from Paganism.  And that is the difference between misconception and fact

It is a fact that [Theistic] Satanists worship the Christian deity, Satan.  It is of no surprise then that a Christian individual and a majority-Christian nation would find issue with the core of your beliefs, considering they are the antithesis of their own.

Unlike the deity worshiped by your religion, Pagans do not worship Satan.  That many people assume such is a misconception brought about during the time of conversion to Christianity, when the Church sought to demonize the gods and goddesses worshipped by Pagan locals.  It was a 'join us or you will be perceived as evil' sort of deal.  Actually this is where you see the coining of the term heathen -- Heathen (an unconverted individual of a people that do not acknowledge the God of the Bible) is often distinctively applied to unenlightened or barbaric idolaters, especially to primitive or ancient tribes [].

While I whole-heartedly believe in your right to seek divinity/spirituality via whatever path you choose, I am in no way required to acknowledge manufactured comminalites attempting to merge two very different forms of worship merely for the sake of building some religious army of anti-mainsteam power.

I have faced intolerance and slander concerning my Pagan path, but choose to end misconceptions through living by example.  My choices and actions represent the virtues of my faith.  Let go the bitterness and embrace a lifestyle that might prove to show these persons who treat you like a weirdo or freak what it means to you to follow the Church of Satan.

Em Graves
one Pagan voice


  1. Well stated and I couldn't agree more.

  2. Great post... and yes, I would have to agree too. And its evident that this individual really doesn't know what or where to take his fight next. By making these false claims he is taking steps backwards in his cause. I respect everyone's right to whatever belief system completes them. However, this person will need to be able to better explain the historical end as well as its modern manifestation correctly in order to make any head way. That would include similarities to other systems.


  3. "girl tell why you mad" as the local NY dj would say. I almost didn't read this post just because of the satan thing (yeah i know a hold over from my Christian days, im working on it. I however totally agreed with you, heck i even laughed reading his statement of 'historical' information. i love your response and im glad i read today's post,
    Be Blessed

  4. Thanks for dropping in for comments!!

    Sorry to have almost scared you off with the choices of clipart, Aisha. :)