Saturday, April 28, 2012

*** GIVEAWAY ***

It's the very 1st Pagan Presence GIVEAWAY!!!! 
Woo hoo: freebies!!! 

For many months I have been diligently working to perfect a line of sugar foot scrubs and am inexpressibly excited to have the first three recipes ready for shipment!!!

These scrubs feature Turbinado Sugar [Sugar in the Raw], Grapeseed & Almond oils blended with the essences of Orange, Lavender, Grapefruit, Spearmint and more.  Your feet will thank you for such an indulgence!

And what better than to share these amazing scrubs with a fabulous reader!


1.  Visit Essential Presence on Facebook and "LIKE" the page.
2.  Return to Pagan Presence on blogspot and comment with "TREAT MY FEET"

That's ALL?  Yep!  That's ALL!!!  The giveaway will end at sunset on May 4th 2012
at which time I will gather the names of the participants
and pull a winner from my [pointy] hat!

I will contact the winner by midnight on the 4th to share the good news
and obtain shipping details.

Good luck my wicked friends!!

The three sugar scrubs are also available for purchase on my Etsy shop, ESSENTIAL PRESENCE.
Keep checking back to Etsy and our Facebook page for new scrubs and other organic products [such as the Sweet Orange & Thyme All-Purpose Cleaner].  Gift baskets also coming soon!!

a.  Sweet Orange Sugar Scrub
b.  Lavender Orange Sugar Scrub
c.  Citrus Mint Sugar Scrub

Treat your Feet... it's ESSENTIAL!


  1. Treat my feet! I took a look at your Etsy store and once I get some extra funds, I will be ordering the lavender orange foot scrub. I'm a nurse and I am on my feet for 12 hour shifts 3 days a week, when I get a few days off my hubby is wonderful and we do a spa night just for my feet. LOL This scrub would be perfect!

  2. Treat my Feet! I'm constantly looking for new things to help keep my feet moisturized.

  3. Treat my feet! I LOVE your foot scrubs!!!!!!!

  4. RV Gramma -- just you wait until you see how far they've come since my 'testing' phase!! ;)

  5. Treat my feet! I would love to try one of your scrubs ... and my tootsies sure do need some love these days.

    P.S. So impressed with all you've accomplished of late. Wow.

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  9. Treat my feet, please! Oh how they need it! :)