Thursday, February 24, 2011

Judgemental Catholics? Say it Ain't So!

I was once a Roman Catholic... I studied the bible... I know the rules.  And I'm fairly certain [I recall] that the judging of others is a sin.  And yet we continue to see the Vatican and its convoy lashing out at the gay community and at those civil authorities who are supporting their efforts for equality in marriage.  

One would think that importance would be placed on correcting the numerous cases of sex abuse by their own priests around the globe.  Doesn't their holy book stress the vitality of controlling your own thoughts and actions rather than turning your judgment outward?  Worry about the horrors that are happening under your own robes Father!  

Do they even fathom the credence that is lost when they outwardly condemn a selection of the population while simultaneously skirting the repulsive behaviors within their own ranks.  Perhaps this is the reason for such an outward and one-sided attack on the gay community -- an attempt to steer focus away from the disturbing sins committed by their own.

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