Friday, February 25, 2011

Why Priests are Losing Faith

Religion is our spiritual connection to a life beyond the biology of this world and yet, if it's going to be with us, it must exist within this biological world as well. And a faith that can not or will not relate to the evolving mind, body and soul is one that becomes more and more disconnected.

One of my pagan acquaintences on Facebook commented [after posting this article] that she feels the Catholic Church will fall within her lifetime.  Followers are struggling more and more to relate to the rigid foundations of Vatican leaders.  Was the Bible meant instead to be ever-interpretative?  Should it be fluid with the times so that its readers connect with it and with the church that weaves faith into their evolving lives?  So far, it seems, the heads of this particular faith-state are unwilling to even consider, much less answer, such questions.

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