Sunday, August 21, 2011

INTERVIEW: Circle of Moms Top25 Faith Blogs

I am very excited to share with you the interview [as recently posted at the Circle of Moms site] highlighting Pagan Presence as the number 15 slot in the Faith Blogs Contest.  My very genuine thank you to those who voted and a very warm CONGRATULATIONS to all winners, including the well-loved Mrs. B [who quite rightfully took the number 1 position]!

Why I Started Blogging
I have a very strong — sometimes irritating, always passionate — need to write. And while the desire is there, it most definitely does not come without struggle. I am easily (and on many occassions intentionally) distracted; suffering in addition the teasing, fickle 'inexplicability' of Writer's Block.  Pagan Presence is a way to combat that which might otherwise keep the creative writing hidden from my impatient fingertips.  Like most talents & skills, writing flows most freely when practiced routinely.  The faith blog acts to keep my "flood gates" open.

The blog is also an excellent source for connecting with others who share my love for this Pagan path I walk.  Paganism is often very personal, and while there are covens, groups and churches in existence, many who identify as Pagan do so in solitary fashion.  Faith blogs have been an amazing avenue for permitting such Pagans to connect with one another. 

How Faith Inspires How I Raise My Children
When I first learned that I was Expecting and allowed the many lessons I would instill in my child to run through my mind, there was one subject in particular that unnerved me — Religion. The fear was not the result of a household conflicted by many faiths — my husband afterall is, on rainy days, Atheist and on most others, Agnostic. I'd be able to raise my child on the spiritual path of my choosing. And yet, in doing so, I still would never be able to spare him from the intolerances of the world. Would it not be simpler to just skip over this controversial subject all-together?
No. Easy is not always best. Though it is likely my children will face the judgements of others, it is far more important that they experience the fulfillment of Divinity than to forfeit such a connection merely to spare them from challenges.
Since the births of my boys, I take every opportunity to shower them with the purity, joy and wonder that my faith bestows upon me. They learn routinely about the special light that each of them holds within and why such a light makes them a beautiful part of the connected whole.  They welcome each day with open hearts and open minds, and it is my deepest will that they grow to always see the world through compassionate eyes, no matter the intolerance they may both come to face.


  1. So...ummm, when did you receive your Versatile Blogger award? I added you to the showcase on my blog because I absolutely love your blog. So looks like you get another one, LOL

    You have been awarded The Versatile Blogger Award. Catch it here: Aoibheal's Lair

  2. You humble me Vickie, my friend! Thank you so very much and my congrats to you on reaching the #24 slot in the Faith Blogs contest. Brightest blessings to you and yours. -- Em