Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Intuition or Just Imagination?

Finally returning to Blogspot for this curious event-inspired post as the organized chaos of a summer with my children begins to draw to its conclusion...  the days are growing shorter; the wheel of the year slowly turns.

So what of this "curious event" I speak of, you ask?  A moment of calm and compassion in the midst of a tearful meltdown [in other words, just when I needed it most]... and it came from beyond the grave.  Indeed!  The boys were in bed.  The house, quiet and dark.  And there I sat on an arm chair in the shadowed corner of a room, despondant and giving in to tears that had wanted to fall for hours.

I didn't speak aloud of my desparate desire for love and support.  I didn't have to.  Suddenly the tic-toc of my grandfather's handmade pendulum clock grew loud.  Louder.  And louder still.  Impossibly loud.  I pulled my face from tear-dampened hands and sat for a moment, perplexed.  Was this happening?  The rythmic clicks were so loud I feared it would wake the kids! 

That's when I laughed.  I even startled myself upon doing so.  And as I continued to laugh I felt the wave of calm I knew was needed before heading up to bed.  Somewhere within-- maybe my mind's eye-- I could see my late grandpa, in all of his witty spunk, winking and chuckling along with me.  


I've come to consider myself an Empath-- picking up on the feelings of others by experiencing them as though they were my own.  I no longer question the validity of just such emotional bits of information that I encounter.  Nor do I try to explain them away.  

There is no longer an internal need for proof of accuracy because of the strong collection of personal success stories supporting the existence of empathic and other intuitive possibilities.  

Noetic Science is proving [by no small feats] the seemingly limitless potentials of the human mind, including its connection to a network of energy fueling the flow of thought and intention.  It isn't much of a stretch of the 'imagination' then to consider it a likelihood that there are those minds sensitive to such a flowing interconnective force.

Call them what you will-- 'psychic, jedi, freak, hack'-- the truth is... Science is catching up to spirituality.  And rather than debunking it, as most believed, it seems to be supporting the existence of a soul and intuitive access to such a Higher Self.  We might only need to train our minds to listen. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson said "A man should detect and watch that gleam of light which flashes across him mind from within."

Was my grandfather truly with me in that darkened room the other night?  That I cannot say for certain, but there's no questioning the change in my demeanor that such a possibility created.  To me, that speaks to more than just imagination.



  1. such wonderful writing ... and I'm thinking you indeed had a visit. Grandfathers (and fathers, in my case) have an uncanny knack for showing up just when you need them most ;)