Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Combat the Crude with Stats

I once found myself irritated when happening across a grossly inaccurate comment -- most especially when it related to my personal beliefs and faith-- but now such factless, tactless opinions get me feeling almost giddy.  A chance for me to wipe away any lingering credibility with clean and clear data!  Present example:  Rick Vaught of Bozeman Montana.  

Rick, while speaking vehemently at a Bozeman City Commission meeting, stated that the city "needs a reality check." He claimed homosexuality to be an "epidemic that breeds sexually transmitted disease, drug addiction and paganism" [].

Well Rick... According to STD statistics posted by, 90% of worldwide HIV transmission occurs in heterosexual people.  Ninety percent!  In addition, The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism [] provided insight into the comparison patterns of heavy drinking & drug addiction and found few differences in use between the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender community and heterosexual groups of similar age and social class.  As far as the facts are concerned, I'm at more risk of exposure to sexually transmitted diseases through your sub-culture, Mr. Vaught, than I am with a bisexual or lesbian woman.  Curious. 

Concerning  the "epidemic" spread of paganism, I had difficulty finding any statistical data on the number of homosexual pagans.  I can however say with certainty that just being gay or bisexual does not turn you toward a pagan path anymore than being from Montana turns you toward ignorance.  Though, in your case Rick Vaught, I see a clear exception.


  1. Well stated and love the data. Clearly Vaught has not done his homework. His left handed comment (and I use that term with a grimace as I am left handed) truly shows how little he really knows about homosexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, drug addition and paganism. He just sounds like a narrow minded bigot.