Friday, May 27, 2011

The Different Faith

I've been MIA from my cherished laptop for a few days -- busy with the tasks of leaving work for the summer, running my boys to and from their many activities, getting the garden in working order and keeping up with the housework [which also includes the exterior now that Father Winter has finally decided to kick up his feet for a rest-bit].  Finding myself with a rare, quiet moment last night I popped onto Facebook to check out the happenings with some of my favorite Pagan bloggers. 

Much to the dismay of my tired eyes [it was afterall that moment when you allow yourself to finally sit after running about all the long day -- that moment when the last ounce of energy drains from your every pore into the comfy cushion of choice]-- so, much to the dismay of said tired eyes, drama was in full encore in Paganville.  There were those [as there always are] who made claim that Paganism, being a "different faith", was a "wrong faith"--

                                      "Different faith is wrong faith. You have a right to believe it, but believing it doesn't make it "right," It makes you lost and without salvation."  {Darlene S, Time Warp Wife}

Many of us were very excited to see how well Mrs.B and other known Pagan bloggers are faring in a Top-25 Faith Blogs contest over at Circle of Moms.  A very self-righteous few, however, were less than thrilled to see that Pagan blogs could be considered for this online event.  Or that [gasp!] we are even mothers at all!!  While claiming to be good, loving women of faith, this vicious handful set out to attack and belittle those that are different [ie, Pagan].  The most significant Offensive came courtesy of Darlene Schacht, author of the Time Warp Wife blog ["A Return to Biblical Womanhood"]. 

Darlene's blog post, All Roads Do NOT Lead to Rome, was one of the most judgmental and disrespectful pieces I've encountered by an author claiming to encompass "Good values" as "threads that weave into the fabric of friendship."  Her words, laced with Snarkiness [note the capital S], sought to depreciate others, mock their family life and spread feelings of hate and fear-- 
     "Evil will and does present itself as beautiful, harmless, and alluring--even moreso than it did 100 years ago. Instead of black hats and bad teeth we see blondes with great smiles and white teeth convincing us all they're the "good witch," ready to dispel any preconceived notions you might have.

The lines between good and evil are so blurred that even witchcraft itself is accepted as "norm" in many Christian families today. If we want our children to have a healthy understanding of who Jesus is and His purposeful death on the cross, we need to see the weight of sin for what it really is. Scripture clearly makes a stand against witchcraft."

I come from a Catholic background.  I have studied the Christian faith.  I have read the bible.  All that I have learned derives a conclusion that Jesus Christ, were he walking this earth today, would be utterly disgusted by the expressions of people acting in His name.

Just as Pagans have nothing at all to do with the Christian entity of Satan, our faith is also not the "witchcraft" described in scripture.  Even a Christian man offered the following explanation [via his Pagan wife's blog, The Pagan Mom]--

     "While many of you of a Neo-Pagan or Wiccan faith path claim to be witches and practice witchcraft, I have yet to find one who can cast a curse that causes harm as the term is used in the Old testament and surely don’t want to meet the one who uses poisons to kill as the term is used in the New Testament."   

While all roads do not indeed lead to Rome, there are a good many that do.  And just like the construction we see on our highways today, the paths to Divinity are ever-changing [minus the orange cones of course].  It is your right to believe as you will.  I have the same right.  Religions grow and evolve just as we as human beings grow and evolve.  There was civilization before the biblical Word of God.  Does the Creator just ignore this?  How were those souls accepted into a Kingdom of Heaven?  People find their own avenues to "Rome", just as they have before we arrived and just as they will after we are gone. 

Rather than argue over the road map, why not just enjoy the ride [and maybe even wave to the other drivers as you pass them by].  We could do so much good "travelling" together.  Already we send out similar prayers & blessings. We support many of the same charities when disaster strikes the people of this earth.  We have empathy & compassion for the plights of others.  We treasure our friends.  We care for our homes.  We are women.  We are moms.  Why the line in the sand?  Why the separation simply because of the different names we give our greater source? 

I end today with a fitting quote--

     "People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they're not on your road doesn't mean they've gotten lost."
~ Dalai Lama


  1. A lovely post, thank you for writing it.

    I am somewhat thankful for this whole drama, it's led me to some wonderful pagan blogs I might not discovered, at least for a while! :) And it's inspiring me to write on my own blog more, time to end my 'net vacation. lol

  2. Thank you Michele. I too feel this melodrama has added a number of new connections to our online Pagan network. :)

    Merry meet friend!
    Love & Light,

  3. What a wonderful post. Very well thought out and written! I like the 'hindsight' perspective on what happened from someone that popped in during the aftermath. I've shared it on facebook and added you to my regular reads!! Merry meet!

  4. Wonderful post and yes, so happy to be meeting new Pagan sisters as a result of all this. Stop by to visit when you have time! Blessings, Cordelia

  5. I am probably too quiet about my faith. The recent drama has made me feel I should probably speak about it a bit more. I'm so grateful to meet new Pagan sisters and read so many wonderful blogs I had been missing.

  6. It's wonderful to have you here Lisa. The validity of your faith has nothing whatsoever to do with volume. Quiet of voice does not equal quiet of heart. Besides, there are enough of us loud-mouth Pagans to keep the world's ears on-ready. ;)

  7. Wonderful post! This is the reason i decided to blog my life, and faith as a Pagan.

    Blessings and looking forward to more posts from you!!

  8. When considering this topic, it might help to establish that the creation is designed to reflect us. The newest and best science is laying this out in profound ways. For example, we all have “Genetic Engineering Genes: “ every one of your cells, you have genes whose function it is to rewrite the other genes when necessary.”
    “We adjust our genes to fit the environment that we think we live in...when necessary, perception rewrites genes...”
    “our beliefs are altering our biology at every moment...”
    Dr. Bruce Lipton (formerly at Stanford)

    The intelligence and complexity of DNA is one of the things that caused Dr. Francis Collins, the head of the Human Genome Project, to covert to Christianity.

    So, when we look at the Old Testament laws, what we see are guidelines within a creation designed to allow free will, but also to teach us with consequences. None of the laws are arbitrary. "Unclean" animals are those who have less efficient digestive systems and tend to eat their own feces and/or are bottom feeders. Thus the meat of "unclean" animals is more toxic and disease causing. The practice of any form of occultism can be seen to have similar consequences, especially if we consider that there may be an intelligent Designer to all this beauty, and when we do not glorify the Creator, we, as anyone who has ever made something that did not come out well knows, may be subject to destruction. Occultism in its many global forms, often leads to forms of possession or doors opening that cannot be shut so easily. There are countless examples of this happening to people, from people who dabble w ouija boards to the MANY former testimonies of those who have gone deeply into occultism.

    There is a good book on this topic: "The Beautiful Side of Evil", by Johanna Michaelsen. Many people think they can practice wicca and that so long as they do not recognize satan as a real entity (many satanists say the same thing) that surely they will not have to deal with the same ideas of evil or its manifestations. But if you recognize an intelligence to the design of this reality it might be important to consider that if there are material laws, like gravity, there may be spiritual laws, both with consequences of varying degrees.

    Gareth Knight, in his book A Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism (1976) states unequivocally that:
    "Homosexuality, like the use of drugs, is one of the techniques of black magic.
    It is a much more potent way of working than the use of incubi and succubi, which are formed by the fantasies of masturbation."

    The truth appears to be that satan can come in a garb of light and love and so long as he distracts people from God and salvation in Jesus, the job is done.