Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

Humbled again!  My red-cheeked and bashful 'THANKS' to my 'Green Witch' friend for bestowing upon me a very exciting Versatile Blogger Award.  Per the instructions at Polly's Pagan by Design blog, it is customary to provide readers with a few quirks about oneself while also choosing to pay-forward this honor. 

There happens to be some curious connection between this award and the number 13.  And being one who does not wish to tamper with any karmic repercussions [by altering such a bond], I too will follow suit -- providing you with ten tidbits about myself [or something of interest to me] and then selecting three most notable blogs with which to share this very exciting honor:



1.   Em has followed a Pagan path since 1996, while a junior in High School.
2.   Em refuses to cut the lawn since a 1994 incident involving a very unfortunate frog.
3.   Em is a third generation Cleveland Browns fan and attends one home game per year.
4.   Em once managed to lock herself in an old latch-style refrigerator during an apparently competitive game of Hide-N-Go Seek.
5.   Em works at a local University as a Captionist for the Deaf.
6.   Em's two favorite authors [Poe & Emerson] despised one another in life.
7.   If Em could meet any person, living or dead, it would be Jack the Ripper [because, come on -- who doesn't want to know?].
8.   Sticking with The Ripper theme for one more response, Em's hometown hosts the grave of a Top 5 Ripper Suspect, Francis Tumuelty.
9.   Em is afraid of the dark.
10.   Though afraid of the dark, Em has a secret desire to attend a ghost hunting investigation with a local crew [and has even been invited on multiple occasions but has backed down each time].


And now [enter soft drum roll]...
The 3 blogs that have continued to impress me with their intriguing choice of subject matter and exceptionally witty writing styles...

      1.   Inciting a Riot
      2.   Outside the Lines
      3.   Paranormal World Blog 

Congratulations Bloggers!

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  1. A very well-deserved award! I'm anxious to check out your winners, they sound fascinating.