Saturday, May 28, 2011

How my Pagan Children Grow...

With all of the drama ensuing over the Circle of Mom's Top25 contest as of late, I've used my quiet moments to ponder just how much my faith influences my choices as a Mother. 

You will never hear me claim to be perfect in this role.  Much as I'd like to tell those snooty-boot blog moms [who turned their noses up at Pagan motherhood] that "Anything you can do I can do better" -- Go ahead.  Sing the lyrics.  You know you want to!  ;) --

the truth is I'm not always confident and I'm not always composed in the rearing of my two young boys.  I get frustrated.  I get angry.  I make mistakes and damned if they don't see me make them.  But in the midst of these short-comings, I am always there.  I am always honest.  I am always Me, their mom: nose-wiper, booboo-kisser, #1-supporter, Eat all your veggies-mandator extraordinaire!  My sons have seen me lose my cool.  They've seen me pause to take a deep breath so that I can avoid losing my cool.  They've seen me cry.  They've heard me swear.  They know that I am not perfect.  But they still believe I'm SuperMom.

What a beautifully splendid lesson they learn just through watching their mom during a meltdown -- I don't have to be perfect to be Super.  No, my children don't count rosary beads or kneel at their bedsides before sleep.  They don't attend Sunday school.  And no, they weren't baptised.  Yet their precious little lives are filled daily with faith...

They wake each day and thank the moon for keeping them safe in the night.  They welcome the sun who they know will power them with energy during their day.  They learn repeatedly the quick and unbiased authority of Karma and her laws.  They light candles and blessing sticks -- not for toys or slurpees, but for a sick baby or a missing pet.  They understand that people are different and wouldn't want it any other way [how boring would that be!].  They love the earth and help to keep her clean just as passionately as they do their most prized possessions [which presently is a growing collection of action figures from the Super Hero Squad Show]. 

In our home there is no rigid, obedient family structure [like something out of the 17th century].  We don't need this to find spirituality.  We don't need labels.  We don't need collection plates.  We don't need scripture written by ancient minds long since gone to tell us what we feel within.  We need only a guidance inspired by Pure Faith [one that comes by direct path: through the heart and into the world that surrounds it].

My five year old is learning to read and write.  Before bed I pull out his black and white journal and give him a new word to copy.  Tonight, before I got the chance to jot down 'bonfire' -- which was going to be my choice [seeing as we'd just finished roasting marshmallows over a gorgeous one], he stopped my hand and said "Mom, I want to learn to spell my favorite word... Namaste!"

For those who are unfamiliar, 'Namaste' translates to mean that there is a light in you, there is a light in me and we bow in honor of one another's light.

I asked my child why 'namaste' is his favorite word and he replied "because if everyone has a special light inside, then we are all shiny together."  Yes friends, a humble reminder from a preschooler!

You can bet that after kissing his forehead and turning off his light, I walked into my bedroom and balled my eyes out.  Such sweet innocence. 

Yes, my Faith is different.  And it's so very very right.


  1. You are a great mother, and you should never ever think other wise, you are amazing, inspiring and kind, which is why your kids will grow up to be the same. you inspire me, i look up to you, i have learned so much from you and i'm still learning! you are one of my top role models, i am grateful to have you in my life. i know if i am ever in trouble i can count on the fact that you will not only hear me but listen to me without judgment. you are more than a fantastic mom, you are an amazing person.

  2. More tears!!! The inspiration is a two-way street, without doubt. Watching you grow from a shy and sensitive young girl into the brilliant and ever open-minded woman you are becoming today has pervaded my heart with warmth. You are a bless-ed gift to my life.

  3. Oh how I love this post. Thank you!

  4. The post was beautiful. Rightfully no standards shall confine you. You are your own person! Wonderful! Namaste! :)

  5. Thank you all kindly for your compliments. It was very hard for me to read that someone out there would feel the need to pray for my children because as a Pagan mother I am an "evil sinner". I think if these closed-off individuals ever opened up enough to truly know a Pagan, they'd come to realize just how amazingly Human we are -- just like them.

  6. So much misunderstanding on both sides that can cause such pain.

    I had typed out a big long thing but I realized that everything that should be said, can't be typed out in a comment.

    I'm sorry the Christian blog authors, or their readers in some cases, have not been open minded about your participation in Circle of Moms.

    If anyone has been truly hurt by this, you are welcome to message me. The whole deal saddens me and I would gladly try to smooth the rough waters.

    I do not hold Pagan belief but I do find it all very spiritual and interesting. I understand why the Christian blog authors are responding the way they are, although I can't say I am proud of their actions, of the way they are going about expressing themselves. Like All faiths, there are those who represent their beliefs better than others, and everyone makes mistakes.

    I would prefer all people to know the real Christ, to believe in his truth and love... but I am happy you have a spiritual faith that replenishes your spirit and strengthens your heart.
    Your passion and faithfulness to your beliefs are commendable.

    By the way, your son sounds adorable.


  7. Penny,

    My thanks that you've taken the time to voice your concern about some very classless and hurtful comments.

    I'm curious however to know why you find yourself able to understand the distasteful reaction by some Christian bloggers and their readers. Please explain how anyone [that claims to live by the words of a loving savior] can seek to belittle another person with slander and threats [against not only them, but their children and husbands as well]. No, I can't seem to understand this in the least.

    Having studied Christianity at great length, I do happen to know what the real spirit of Christ represents and in all honesty these are things I very rarely see in a Christian. I'm reminded of a quote by Ghandi: "I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are nothing like your Christ."

    My son, in addition to being adorable, has a greater abundance of sincerity, compassion, acceptance and love than any of those I've encountered at Circle of Moms. I don't know if that's highly impressive of a five year old or just severely pathetic of a network of adults.

    Thank you again for reaching out to me. As I stated in my bio when entering the contest...
    "Remaining tolerant in a world so overwhelmed by differences is tough." Kudos for giving it the old college try.

    Love & Light,

  8. I understand their reaction, not necessarily the actions they took as a result of the reaction (if you get my drift).

    I think it all boils down to we are not perfect and mistakes were made.

    I believe 'they' looked at the influx of nominated pagan blogs as an assault by the devil. I know this sounds horrible. Please understand I'm not calling you or your beliefs dark or evil. Many Christians believe Satan attacks us from many avenues using many people, including good people, to tempt us with false beliefs and idols. The thing is, for most Christians, if you don't believe in Christ, and accept his as your Saviour, you have not been 'saved'.

    So, they seen the blogs and thought it was an attack to lure Christians away from the truth (as seen by some Christians, anyway). And so they reacted by being defensive and in some cases, aggressive.

    I can't agree with the actions they took, but I understand why. Mainly from Fear.
    Not because they intentionally meant to hurt anyone. I think most of the writing was done without thinking that maybe some of you might be hurt by the posts.

    I'm curious that instead of thinking it was an attack by Satan on the Christians that none wondered if maybe it wasn't an attack by God on the Pagans. Maybe he led you to the Circle blog so the Christians could convert y'all. *giggle* ;)

    I wish certain people had seen it in that light, anyway.

    Christians are a funny bunch. It's true many do not follow Christ's example but you have to admit, if you know his story, He is a tough act to follow. Christians are like anyone else. They sin. They make mistakes. They do their best and mess up sometimes. It's true that some can be self-righteous, but it's also true that sometimes those people are misunderstood.
    Like all people, the best we can do is try to be the best person we can be, and apologize when we have been less than.

    I hope that makes some sense. I really really dislike discussing faiths of any form. Someone always seems to end up with a bad taste in their mouth no matter how well intentioned the conversation was meant.


  9. Thank you Penny for returning to clarify points of your original post. I certainly agree that many of the aggressive posts were done out of fear.

    When I come face to face with something I find frightening, I allow my mind to go immediately neutral and set out to soak up as much knowledge as I possibly can on the subject at hand. It is only then that I finally allow myself to form an opinion [and almost always that initial fear is replaced by interest, curiosity, respect... the list goes on and on].

    If more people took the time to learn about that which gives them fear, the world would probably share a less horrific history-- less segregated, less bloody.

    But alas, as you said-- we are human. We make mistakes. The best thing to come from a mistake is the lesson. :)

    Thank you again for visiting the Pagan Presence blog to share your thoughts. I appreciate your very genuine intentions for peace.

    Namaste my friend.