Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Pagan Deadly Sins

'Values' are a concept that transcend religion [in all of its segregating variety].  While core values may differ from individual to individual, the general idea is the same -- an outline of those intentions that we feel will bring the most appropriate benefit to our lives and to the lives of those dear to us. 

With the Pagan Values Event starting today via Facebook, I let the vague definition of 'value' stew at the back of my mind.  It seems to inherently involve two basic parts -- (1) our natural rights and (2) the rules we need to follow to protect those rights.

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While the Pagan community lacks a rigid doctrine of commandments detailing the guidelines necessary for protecting the natural rights of both ourselves and our neighbors, we can surprisingly relate to the underlying attitudes of Catholicism's "Cardinal [7 Deadly] Sins".  Relate to the Catholics?  Gasp!  I know, I know.  Hear me out. 

The concept of 'sin' is not one that Pagans put much credence into [considering a large majority of us follow Karma or the Law of Three-- believing that our actions and intentions circle back around for us to deal with in this life, rather than to be faced at the gates of the Afterworld].  While we won't be counting rosary beads anytime soon, we do recognize that if we release the negativity linked to these 7 Deadly Sins into the network of energy pervading our world, we will eventually come to meet our own poor choices.


Ask 12 Pagans what exactly it means to be Pagan and you'll get 13 different answers, or so I've heard.  Its a cute way to explain the great assortment of paths within our faith.  Yet there are solid foundations we all embrace.

Harm none.
Respect life. All life.
Live and Let Live.
Protect the Earth.
What you Send Out, Returns to You.

These main building blocks combat the negativity of the above-listed 'sins' with humility, generosity, love, kindness, self-control, temperance and zeal [this list, by the way, happens to be the 7 Virtues that followers of the Catholic faith employ in order to oppose the temptations and consequences of the Cardinal Sins].

While there is much that sets us apart, our values seem to be a very stable cornerstone of similarity.  It's a shame we all have our moments when we allow the naughty-side to reign.


  1. Congrats on being in the top 25!! :) I love your blog I voted for you every day :)

  2. Well said. It is indeed a shame that everyone can't look for the similarities in spiritual traditions rather than the differences!

  3. these are christian sins. no thanks.