Saturday, March 26, 2011

Be Ever So Careful-- If you Celebrate Earth Day, YOU Might Be a Pagan

... at least, according to Ken Blinco [in an article published by the Sturgis Journal, Mar 24 2011].  Per the grotequesly skewed opinion of Mr. (My-Way-or-the-Highway) Blinco, any celebration of Earth Day [to be recognized this year on Apr 22] may be an attempt to sway you to the side of Eco-Evil.  After all, this is a holiday rapant with hidden agenda, proving to be "a gateway to paganism and New Age mysticism." 

Is he FOR REAL?!

I must have read and re-read this article three to five times, trying to figure out if I should take his very warped account of a positive celebration seriously or just chalk it up to a really perverse attempt at explaining away the author's laziness and lack of responsibility in caring for our planet.  I've decided that the truth lies in the latter -- there is just NO WAY that an educated, rational adult would come to the conclusion that planting seeds, recycling cans and picking up trash would in any way cause you to stray from one religion to another.  WHAT?!

Clearly Mr. Blinco is dolling out some very obnoxios excuses for his unwillingness to help take care of this earth.  It is evident he cares not for his God's creation and worse still, has no qualms about spreading these excuses at the expense of another faith.  I wonder what his Creator and Personal Savior think of such slothful neglegance.

When you bless this beautiful earth on the 22nd next month, be sure to overpower such negativity as this with your love, devotion and willingness to do your part.  BLESSED BE MOTHER EARTH!

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