Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Child's Pagan Prayer To Say Goodnight

When sleep weighs heavy on my eyes
and light of moon pours from the skies
to find my bed in darkened room
that mama cleans with bless-ed broom,
under covers in wait of dream's to come
I lay in listen to heart's soft drum
and bowing my head to setting sun,
I smile to see his journey done.

May Goddess bless me through the night
as she follows God in starlit flight
round and round about the earth--
a dance of dawn to dusk rebirth
to energize the charge within
connecting me to what has been,
the herein now and what awaits--
tied together by string of fates.

In simple ways I touch Divine,
grateful for each passing sign
and in giving thanks I know I must
send out my love with perfect trust
with never a frown at someone's flaw
but seeking to live by karma's law,
ensuring that within I'll find
a quiet peace and joy of mind.

Watch over those that I hold dear--
those souls who offer love sincere,
who inspire what I am inside
to always sing; to never hide
so that when I look inside my heart,
I close each day, content, with "merry part"
and when I wake, sunrise to greet,
whisper to morning, "merry meet".

- Blessed Be


  1. Thank you Green Witch. I submitted it to the Pagan Prayer Project in hopes that I may share it [beyond just the ears of my two boys... though that in itself is already enough].

    1. I just shared this with a Woman I was just reunited with after 20 some years and truly am in Love with. She thought it was the most Beautiful thing shes ever read.Thank You myLady. Until Then. and Blessed Samhain