Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Calling Pagans to Rally Against Witch-Hunts -- yes, It is still happening!

Witch-Hunts Endangering Africa

It is repulsive that in an age of advancement and enlightenment -- a time when we carry around technologies providing us instant access to communication, a time when we continue to crack and understand the intricate codes of physics, chemistry and biology, a time when great nations of the globe have come together in grand alliances -- we would still find such intolerance and unfounded fears over a belief or an idea that is different from what we may believe or know.  Intolerance and unfounded fear so manic and intense that it would drive entire populations to massacre neighbors.

These people may be pagan.  Or they may not.  They may practice witchcraft.  Or they may not.  Either way, they are dying.  Stoned.  Or burned.  Grandmothers.  Children. 

Hatred and death.  And for what?!  The way someone chooses to live their life is individual and private and is something that should be respected, even if we disagree with their choices and values.  None can prove their religion more honest and accurate than another and so all should be valid.  We should celebrate free will; instead we allow bitterness to spread rampantly like some loathsome, infectious disease.     


  1. This is beyond horrifying. Where is this happening? What can we do to help stop this?

  2. I know, Amy -- isn't it sickening?! There is still so much unnecessary human destruction going on in this world -- witch hunts in south Africa, mass rapes of women in the congo, genocide in Darfur. While I wish I could tell you of a pagan group traveling the world, fighting to stop these tragedies, I'm afraid there isn't one. The best we can do is to spread the word. Mass attention is what springs the governments into action -- just look at how quickly France, Britain and the U.S. stepped in to aid Libya once it hit the major headlines. Keep The Oppressed in your blessings -- white candles for peace and pine/myrrh/clove/sage to banish the negative energies.

  3. Despicable, isn't it? I wish to say that it is surprising, but I just hurt when I think that it is not at all *sigh*