Monday, March 28, 2011

Wiccan Fired Because of Lies About Hexes

Uproar is ripping through the Pagan community as news of this story circulates [refer to MSNBC and the linked Article by Investigative Reporter Bill Dedman] -- Carole was a TSA agent at an airport in Albany New York.  She is also a Wiccan.  And I'm quite certain she never imagined that in today's age of political correctness she'd be fired because of that faith.  But she was.

MSNBC's article goes on to explain in-depth the harassment and bullying that Carole faced at the hands [and condescending mouths] of her coworkers.  She reached out to directors and to members of staff dedicated to helping resolve struggles between employees.  She seemed to do everything right and yet during the days leading up to her termination, she found herself confronted by unfounded fears about spell casting, requests for her to sit with a mediator to explain her religious views, off-colored remarks about her "witchiness" and a feeling of being ostricized so oppressive it affected her ability to give her best on the job.

Carole has lawyered up and is fighting to appeal a ruling by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that claimed there was not enough evidence to show that she lost her job because of her religious beliefs.  Interested in giving her your support?  Submit your [professional and respectful] complaints to TSA:

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