Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Children Tortured, Killed After False Witchcraft Accusations

The video below is at the very least shocking [at an aggressively disturbing level].  I warn you, it is difficult to watch.  I lasted only three minutes before breaking into sobs. 

Rampant in many areas of Africa are the false accusations of witchcraft against children and even infants.  These accusations are unfounded and they are coming from the mouths of their own family members and from local pastors, posing as witch doctors and working in the name of Jesus Christ.  It is certainly a warped and twisted abuse of religion if ever there was one.  The Burning Times and Salem almost pale in comparison [all due respect to the victims of past witch hunt frenzies]. 

These children, accused of being possessed or almost infected by witchcraft face violent "treatments" that often leave scarred and in horrific pain, if they're even able to survive.  Watch the video and you'll see the shock and fear in their faces -- they are traumatized, terrified.  Nothing aches my heart greater than looking into the eyes of innocence disturbed and distressed.

As Pagans promoting the truth whenever we can about positive, benevolent spellcraft, we need to stand together to protect the accused.  You'll find links along with the provided video that will bring you to sites offering options to donate, spread the word and submit letters of protest. 

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