Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My TSA Complaint

After hammering away on my keyboard quite a number of times, followed by my deleting the less-than-professional choice words, I finalized and submitted the following complaint to TSA regarding the firing of a Wiccan agent [refer to yesterday's blog post for details].

COMPLAINT To The Transportation Security Administration
RE: Albany Intl Airport
RE: The Termination of Carole Smith

How ghastly that in such an age of political correctness, growing tolerance and respectful acceptance someone would find themselves terminated because of the unfounded fears and lies of another.

What intelligent, professional manager would deem a complaint of "she hexed my car" as valid and noteworthy?  It was a grasping at straws when such a claim was investigated as workplace violence!  This woman's religious views were used against her -- to label her as different, to make her feel alienated and to ultimately terminate her as an employee of TSA.

People are born with certain god-given rights, most especially in this Land of The Free.  The name you use when referring to that god shouldn't matter-- the rights given are the same.  And in this blasphemous situation, Carole Smith's rights all but vanished under a veil of intolerance and injustice.



  1. Carole is my friend and a member over at Boycott Flying. Anyone opposed to the insane tactics being utilized by TSA is more than welcome to come and join us ...

  2. What a sucky situation! Some people are so ignorant!