Friday, April 8, 2011

Anti-Witch Opinion Page

Becky Ackers of The New American, [a webzine with a rich source of support from radical right-wing advocacy groups], should count her lucky stars-- Wiccans do not promote the use of hexes in their spell craft.  Because, boy howdy!  In her case I would love to make an exception! 

 [* grumble grumble grumble *] 

Her tasteless, rambling opinion on the firing of a Wiccan woman by the Transportation Security Administration is exhausted with stereotypical intolerances-- such of which we have seen time and time again from the conservative Christian pool.  The very few facts actually included in this opinion page blurb are overcrowded by the very evident bitterness she feels towards Pagan practices and beliefs. 

After providing a quote from the former Wiccan TSA agent, Carole Smith, concerning the nature-centered aspects of her faith, Ms. Ackers groans, "Never a hint from the media’s morons that the woman is off her rocker by about six centuries. Rather, they decree her brand of witchcraft good, just as they do sodomy and abortion."

I fail to see what sodomy and abortion have to do with Witchcraft.  Clearly this author has some underlying and misdirected anger.  Maybe something she might further explore in her next overly emotional and grossly off-point excerpt.

Additionally, I find it laughably ironic that someone would label a Wiccan "off her rocker" when she herself believes that stories ghost-written by men on the behalf of a God [who himself likely lacked support for this less-than-official version of his words] actually hold some smidgen of fact within the historical background of human development. 

Persons who worship in glass churches shouldn't cast stones. 

While the narrow-minded viewpoint of this "journalist" [I know, I know -- you can stop laughing now] has all of our backs up, let us remember that she is hardly worth the karmic repercussions of a negative thought.

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  1. What an unenlightened soul. She'll be back to learn life's lessons over again... or try to, anyway. ;)