Monday, April 18, 2011

The Real Witch Project - Part 2

In the second of this four-part documentary following a group of everyday women living as witches for one lunar cycle, we find a blending of both trivial and dire successes in the coven's spellcraft -- one young lady sees the return of her cell phone from a former partner while others welcome unusually speedy recoveries for loved ones faced with surgeries.

The Real Witch Project - 2 of 4

Another member is skeptical in the power of witchcraft to mend a bitter relationship with her mother, and yet she remains with the coven-- calmed by the music and atmosphere of the groups' meetings.  In this webisode, we also meet a young musician who has recently lost her mother and hopes that the Wiccan path might help to ease the negativity that she has held onto since the loss. 

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