Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Real Witch Project -- Parts 3 & 4

The final two weeks of The Real Witch Project [a gathering of everyday women living as witches for one month's time] proves to successfully connect the intent of a few novice witches with the ever-shifting web of energy weaving through the earth.

And while I think a few in the group are lacking an understanding of the deeper meaning behind the somewhat superficial spellcasting going on during the webisodes, it did make me smile a time or two when seeing a normally skeptical individual admit that there truly is power to be tapped into, respectfully of course.

All in all, I thought the documentary was well done.  I would be curious to see it taken a bit further -- dare I suggest a reality show?!  Perhaps the mainstream world isn't quite ready for that just yet.

 The Real Witch Project Part 3

The Real Witch Project Part 4

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