Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Pagan Prayer Project

Have you heard of the Pagan Prayer Project?  No?!  Well by all means, let me fill you in! 

Stacey Demarco of The Modern Witch [a dot com dedicated to spreading the knowledge and benefit of personal witchcraft], is working to foster an idea of blended collaboration -- bringing together a diverse collection of pagan invocations from all across this beautiful earth.  

Stacey beseeches you to "create and connect and share what you have discovered" within your pagan tradition.  Any and all are welcome to submit their prayers, blessings, rituals, poems, songs and more by the first of May [only three weeks away!] to be considered for use in a printed publication.

A Sample of My Submission:
A Child’s Pagan Full Moon Prayer
By Em Graves
Mother Moon, so bright,
so full and round,
do you know my voice
within the sound–
of life on earth,
of all the noise,
of cars, of tools,
of games and toys?
For though I’m small,
I am here,
the only Me
that you will hear.
Bless my dreams.
Keep them true.
And when fears I face,
please see me through–
from dark to light,
from night to day.
By you, I live
to laugh and play.

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