Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's with the Pig Bones?

While the Jewish Haredi Organization and the Israel Archaeology Institute fight over the remains of ancient bones found at the dig site of a planned "Eden Hotel" in Jaffa, [according to The Jerusalem Post], I in the meantime find myself wondering about a detail of the article less meant as a focal point by its author -- Pig bones.  

Per Ben Hartman of the JP, "The burial of pig remains within human graves was a common practice among ancient pagans in what is today Israel."  

Indeed?  While I do recall learning, in a Global Studies class, the practices involving the sacrifice of one's horse or even [gasp!] one's wife/wives or concubines [so that they might join you on the darksome journey into the underworld], I fail to remember learning the details of placing the bones of pigs [or, per Wikipedia's details, the skulls of oxen] within a human grave.

I am shamed to admit that because I received my new cell phone via FedEx this morning, I find my time consumed fiddling with that rather than properly researching the details of this supposed ancient pagan burial practice among early Anglo-Saxons.  

And so I wonder, do you know...  What's with the Pig Bones?

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