Friday, April 15, 2011

The Real Witch Project - Part 1

I stumbled across this four-part series, [The Real Witch Project] on YouTube, and because I myself have seen a timid curiosity about pagan beliefs from friends and family in my own life, I was very intrigued to see what these everyday women would embrace within The Path while living it for one lunar cycle.


In part one of the series we meet the mainstream women who will live as witches for one month; learning and engaging with Gaillies Codd, high priestess of The Morgans.  The Dark Moon is transitioning to New Moon and this makeshift coven of wide-eyed witch students gather to study the basics of spellcraft.

It isn't unexpected that a few have reservations, some pass it off as silly and others find it hard to believe-- after all, we of the occult are quite used to skeptisism, are we not?  And yet, as part one progresses through its first spell casting, many of the women see their magickal will power unfold before their eyes. 

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