Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wonderful Web Witches Award

I am feeling simultaneously ecstatic and humbled after learning that my blog experiment, "Pagan Presence: New & Interests" has been selected as the winner of the March 30th 2011 Wonderful Web Witches Award [so chosen by Pagan by Design].  It is an honor, most especially considering the very young age of this blog [having been blessed into life during the late days of February 2011].


Wonderful Web Witches March 2011

Congratulations to Pagan Presence: News & Interests

I can't let March slip by without mentioning a relatively new Pagan blog authored by a beautiful young woman with a flair for putting her heart into her writing. Pagan Presence: News & Interests not only brings us the happenings from around the world affecting Witches or Pagans, but is passionately presented to us in a way that stirs our emotions and reminds us of the reasons we are Pagan to begin with. Chosen winner of the Wonderful Web Witches Award for March 30, 2011, you can find Pagan Presence on Facebook as well.


It was pleasing to read that my often pleading emotions come through in the posts.  It is very true and with much intention that I share my compassion for all things [and persons] Pagan at heart.  

My very gracious thanks.

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  1. Excellent! It looks beautiful on your already gorgeous blog and you are definitely deserving of the award! :) Brightest Blessings